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Class of 1

Available now for college courses! With a Class of 1 itís now possible to give every student a custom-tailored curriculum for developmental math designed specifically to meet their unique needs. LEARN MORE.

iPASS is the internet-delivered software from iLearn that manages the entire math intervention process.In brief, it assesses, prescribes, instructs and reports. The bottom line: It delivers results in math. LEARN HOW.

Your budget is tight. Struggling students can't catch up in math because they haven't mastered basic facts. What are you going to do? ThinkFast! from iLearn is a practical and cost-effective solution for basic fact fluency. Think first...then ThinkFast! LEARN MORE.

You can diagnose individual student needs and deliver all the strands of math RTI intervention while actually reducing your workload. LEARN HOW.

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